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Kitesurfing Kap Verde

Kitesurfing & Yoga in Turkey 

Kitesurfing & Yoga in Turkey


When: 9-16 september 2022
(Same camp is also hosted in august - read more HERE)

Price:  665€ or 4950dkr.


Discover sunny and windy Turkey with OceanSoul on our kitesurfing & Yoga trip.


  • Daily yogaclass

  • Kitesurf coaching (Beginner and advanced)

  • Beautiful nature

  • Good times with the group


Kitesurfing Kap Verde

All levels of yoga welcome. The kitesurfing coaching is included in the price, is for kiters with experience and own equipment. Equipment can be rented at the destination. Beginner course can be purchased for an additional price.

There are a maximum of 20 participants on the trip, and we therefore recommend quick registration.


We start every morning with outdoor yoga followed by a big traditional Turkish breakfast buffet. Then we move to the kitebeach together to spend the day on the water. In the evenings its possible to join dinner at the hotel with the rest of the group.

Your Instructors 

Yoga Kap Verde

Emely Freja 

Emely Freja is your travel guide, yoga instructor and kite coach on the trip. Emely has since 2010 lived her dream around the world. She has been training and teaching both kitesurfing and yoga. Emely is 2x danish and 2x Turkish kitesurfing champion (2019, 2020 & 2021). She has multiple kitesurfing instructor courses behind her. Both her parents are yogateachers and she grew up with this lifestyle. In 2015 she earned her title as 200RYT yogateacher through Yoga Alliance and has since shared her knowledge with yogastudents around the world. Her vast travel experience and passion for both water sport and yoga give her an extremely professional approach to her teaching in both kitesurfing and yoga.   



The yoga classes are adapted to new as well as advanced students can join. Everything is guided and adapted so everyone will get a benefit of the class. Yoga is not about competition and all you need is to show up exactly as you are. The yoga classes are based on hatha yoga but we will also touch elements of yin and vinyasa yoga. The yoga classes take place outdoors where we get the opportunity to inhale the clean fresh air deep down into your lungs.


Ender Madan

Ender is your travel guide and kitecoach on the trip! Ender is born and rased in Akyaka. In his young days he worked on one of the local tour boats and have since 2017 teaching kitesurfing in Akyaka. He is a real "waterman" and knows the wind and water conditions in Akyaka better than hos own back pocket. Ender studied for a bachelor in sports science and has a background as a professional basketball player in Turkey. 
Ender is an experienced kiteboarder and his professional and calm approach to teaching has been appreciated by his students throughout the years. 

Weather & Wind

The weather in Akyaka in September offers sunshine and blue skies. The average temperature is around 25C but usually it gets warmer throughout the day. It is a good idea to bring a long sleaved sweater for the evenings and if you have the tendency to get cold a shorty-wetsuit might be a good idea (It can also be bought at the spot if needed).


Akyaka is known as one of the best beginner sports in all Europe. This is, among other things, because of the consistent onshore wind and a nice sandy bottom where you can touch the bottom approximately 150m out.


The wind is usually stable, consistent and not gusty. Akyaka is also offering the ideal conditions for the seasoned kitesurfer with world class conditions for freeride, freestyle and foil kiting.


We are with you all the way to inspire and help you learn anything from your first turn to an unhooked handle-pass.



Our base at the kiteschool os KiteXtreme which is owned by 7x Turkish Kitesurfing Champion Taner Aykurt. Taner was Emely’s first kite teacher back in 2011. KiteXtreme er newly renovated and creates the ideal frame for the perfect kitesurfing experience.When you’re not enjoying your time on the water you can relax in the shadow or entertain yourself with games or other stuff provided by the school. Taner has big international experience, and it is Taner who will be in charge on the beginner lessons throughout the week.

Beginner kitesurfing course

If you have no prior kitesurfing experience, you can buy a beginners kitesurfing course. The course consists of 6 hours private lessons with an English-speaking instructor. The course is structured so that you gradually create a knowledge of the sport. Good quality gear from F-one is being used during the course and safety is always at focus. The first part of the course you will develop knowledge about the necessary terminology, safety and how to control the kite. In your own individual pace, you will continue with different exercises in the water in order to make you more comfortable with the kite until you are ready to try your first water starts on the board. Everyone learns differently in their own pace. At the end of the course you can if necessary continue the course or join the rest of the “advanced” group where there will be daily kite coaching and help from Emely and Ender.


There are limited beginner spots – so let us know if you wish to book a beginners course when you sign up for the trip.

The price is 240€ which is paid directly to the kiteschool on arrival.


Questions & More Information


Questions & more information

You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the trip!
Contact us on e-mail on or on WhatsApp +45 30 11 81 92   

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