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"Enter the Online Yoga World: Discover the Benefits of Virtual Yoga Practice".

Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is a journey towards inner peace, flexibility and well-being. And in today's digital world, it's easier than ever to begin your yoga journey right from the comfort of your own home.

Online yoga offers flexibility, variety and convenience to suit all levels of experience. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you start your online yoga practice.

Incorporating online yoga into your everyday life is a habit you deserve!

Remember that a few minutes each day is better than 60 min all at once.

If you are new to yoga, you can read our guide to different yoga styles here.

Yoga is healthy, nice and fun and we hope you have a good yoga experience with us.

We are mother-daughter yoga teachers who love to share our great yoga passion and experience with you!

There are several good reasons to practice online yoga. Here are some of them:

Flexibility in time and place: Online yoga allows you to practice anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it easier to fit yoga into your schedule, no matter how busy it is. When the weather permits, you can also practice yoga outdoors in the fresh air.

Variety of instructors and styles: Our online yoga library gives you access to a selection of instructors and yoga styles. You get the opportunity to practice yoga with Emely as well as her mother Winni and her father Søren, who all have their own personal style. We guide you in everything from gentle and meditative to more challenging and physically demanding.

Increased comfort and privacy: Some people feel more comfortable practicing yoga at home, where they don't have to worry about comparing themselves to others in a physical studio. This can contribute to a more relaxed and personal practice.

You can also practice yoga while the family is at home, or while you wait for the washing machine to be ready.

Access to different levels: Our online yoga library offers classes at different levels, from beginners to advanced. This allows you to start at your own pace and gradually progress when you feel ready.

Save time and money: Online yoga eliminates the need to commute to a physical yoga studio, which can save you time and transportation costs. Access to our online yoga library with almost 100 different videos costs the same as one yoga class in a regular studio.

Repetition and adaptation: You can repeat online yoga classes as many times as you want. This allows you to practice and improve your skills at your own pace. Additionally, you can choose classes that focus on specific areas of your body or specific aspects of yoga. If you e.g. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can put on one of our videos.

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How to get started practicing online yoga

Yoga mat: A good yoga mat gives you comfort and stability during your yoga poses. Choose one that's not too smooth so you don't slip, and not too thin to protect your knees and elbows. However, not too thick either, as this can increase the challenge of balance. I don't recommend any in particular as it's a personal preference.

Yoga blocks, belts, and blankets (optional): These props can be helpful, especially if you're a beginner or working to improve certain poses. Blocks and belts can help support and adjust your movements, and a blanket can be used for extra comfort during relaxation exercises. You can also use books, scarves or powder.

Comfortable clothing: Wear clothing that allows you freedom of movement and comfort during your yoga practice. I love doing yoga in my night clothes at home.

Room: Make sure you have a good internet connection and a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) that gives you a clear visual and audio experience. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed

Choose Appropriate Classes: Based on your experience level and goals, choose classes that are right for you. Our online yoga platform categorizes their classes by levels such as easy, intermediate and advanced. Choose a class that suits your current fitness and comfort level.

Gradual development: As you become more familiar with yoga, you can gradually join more challenging classes. Explore different styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and more to find what works best for you.

Be patient and loving towards yourself: Yoga is a journey that is about finding balance and connection between body and mind. Be patient with yourself and listen to your body. It's okay to take breaks or adjust positions as needed. Yoga is for everyone. But maybe we react differently when we try new things? If you feel pain or discomfort, of course you must stop and you can always choose an alternative such as another position that feels better for you.

Explore meditation and breathing: In addition to yoga poses, also explore meditation and deep breathing. These elements are an integral part of yoga that can help reduce stress and increase your inner peace.

Create a routine: For maximum benefits, try to establish a regular yoga practice. It doesn't have to be daily, but consistency will help you experience the long-term benefits of yoga.


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