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How to go upwind? - Kitesurfing

What does it mean to go "upwind"?

Going upwind in kitesurfing can also be described as going against the wind. It will make kitesurfing more fun, since you don't have to go with the kite after you learn to "go upwind".

When can I try to go upwind?

You are ready to try going upwind when you can sail controlled in both directions. It is not possible to sail directly against the wind, instead you zig-zag your way to where you want it approx. 10 – 20 degrees each time.

How do i go opwind?

Both the position of the kite and the position of your body have an influence on whether you go upwind.

The position + control of the kite

- Hold the kite steady at either 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock (don't move it too much)

- If you want more power in the kite, pull the bar towards you

- If you want less power in the kite, push the bar slightly away from you

Your body position

- Extend the front leg and bend the back leg

- Push your hips forward

- Pull your shoulders back

- Put the weight in your heels

- Rotate the front shoulder back and look for the place you want to go

- You can possibly take both hands close together in the middle of the bar and open one arm out and point for the place you want to go

Watch our video tutorial to go upwind!

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Thanks for reading along! See you on the water! Hang Loose //Emely


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