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Why Sal, Cape Verde is the ultimate winter kitesurfing destination for Europeans!

When the winter cold really takes hold of us in the cold north! There are few things better than looking forward to a holiday to warmer climates!

Cape Verde is a fantastic destination for those interested in kitesurfing, due to the constant winds and warm temperatures and cool surf culture!

But first and foremost! – Where is the island of Sal, Cape Verde?

Sal is an island located in the Cape Verde archipelago, which is located off the coast of West Africa. Cape Verde is a republic consisting of ten islands. The main town on Sal is Santa Maria. Sal especially attracts water sports enthusiasts, including kite surfers, due to its excellent wind and water conditions.

Flight distance & time zone

Sal, Cape Verde is closer to Europe than many other warmer winter kitesurfing destinations! The flight time from Denmark is under 7 hours and you can travel with us with direct flight from both Billund and Copenhagen. At the same time, the time difference is only 2 hours, so you avoid having to spend your precious holiday with jet lag, but instead have maximum time on the water!


Constant winds

Cape Verde is one of the most wind-safe destinations you can go to at this time of year. The trade winds blow and create the perfect conditions for kitesurfing! Typically, it blows between 9-11 m/s in March. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned kitesurfer, you will find the ideal wind conditions at Sal!

Pleasant temperatures in the winter months

When we in Europe struggle with cold, snow and slush, Sal pampers it's visitors with the sun's warm rays without melting. The daytime temperature in March is around 25 degrees with warm water around 22 degrees.


Cool kitesurfing spots and vibes!

Sal offers a wide range of kitesurfing spots. On our trips, we are based at "kitebeach" and we collaborate with the local kite school, which is owned by the kitesurfing legend and former world champion Mitu Monterio, who is also a very humble and pleasant person! Kite beach has a very special atmosphere that you as a kitesurfer just have to experience! There are also other kitesurfing spots on the island, e.g. spotted Punta Preta which offers world class waves, the Kitesurfing World Championships has taken place there several times on the island and will return again in March! 

Relaxed island atmosphere and unique cultural experience

Santa Maria, which is the city we live in, has a super cozy atmosphere, where you e.g. can find reggae bars and dance places. The locals are super hospitable, friendly and create a good atmosphere. Sal is also particularly known for their fresh fish and other good things from the sea. It is, among other things, possible to take a trip around the island, where you e.g. can see mirages, salt mines etc. It is also possible to go snorkelling to a large Jesus figure on the bottom.


Kitesurf kap verde

We look forward to welcoming you on our kitesurfing journey with yoga and community to fantastic Sal!

Namaste & Hang Loose whole team OceanSoul


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