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Travel alone on a group trip! – Explore the world and make new friendships!

Traveling is nothing short of amazing! However, you may not have any friends or acquaintances who want to travel with you or want to do the same things as you.

However, don't let that hold you back!

When you go on a group trip alone, you don't have to make an effort to meet new people or concentrate on seeking out any new friends. There are planned activities with the group and you will quite naturally get into each other's lives! You also have a common starting point to talk from outside and it can be less awkward.

I myself have visited almost 50 different countries and have traveled a lot alone. Primarily because I couldn't find anyone else who would do the same activities as me when I'm on holiday. I have now met several of my best friends when I have been away alone!

I started kitesurfing with my father. It was really nice and we have many good memories from the beach together. However, I really wanted to meet some other kitesurfers and make some new friends. But how? Back then, there were no camps or communities you could become a part of. Precisely for that reason, I wanted to develop the perfect camp so that other solo travelers or couples (romantic, family, or friends) get an opportunity to meet other people with the same interests.

The same applies to yoga trips. Maybe you want a breathing space to be yourself, but at the same time don't want to be completely on your own. When you are with us on a group trip, it is entirely up to you how much you want to participate. Many people enjoy having their own time of peace and reflection between the yoga classes, but how wonderful it is to have someone to sit and eat with every morning and evening.

Benefits of traveling alone in a community:

1. Share experiences with like-minded travelers: One of the biggest benefits of traveling alone on a group tour is the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded travelers. Group travel often attracts people with similar interests, creating a great opportunity to build connections and share experiences. You will meet people who share your passion for exploring the world and you can support each other, exchange stories and create memories together.

2. Structured itinerary and expertise from tour guides: On a group tour, you will benefit from a structured itinerary carefully planned by experienced tour guides. This means you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the details. The tour guides often have expertise about the destination and can give you insights you might not discover on your own. They can also help organize group activities and create an atmosphere that promotes community and collaboration.

3. Increased safety and security: Traveling alone can trigger concerns about safety, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. By participating in a group trip, you get increased safety and security. You travel with other people, and there is always someone to lean on if unexpected situations arise. Group travel also offers a form of social security as you always have someone to talk to and share your experiences with.

4. Opportunity to make deep connections: Even if you travel as part of a group, that doesn't mean you can't build deep connections with your fellow travelers. On the contrary, you can get to know people on a deeper level, as you will spend a lot of time together and experience new adventures together. Group travel creates a unique environment where friendships can blossom and you can create memories to last a lifetime.

5. Personal growth and self-development: Even if you are part of a group, it does not mean that you will not experience personal growth and self-development on your journey. On the contrary, meeting new people and challenging situations on a group trip can strengthen your social skills, increase your confidence and broaden your horizons. You will learn to collaborate, adapt to different personalities and strengthen your communication skills.

Additional benefits of being alone on a group trip:

  • There are some to help you if problems arise

  • You won't be lonely

  • You have some to share the memories with

  • On our trips, there is communal dining every day (also with the instructors!)

  • No one expects anything from you, you can just be yourself and do what you want

  • You can be selfish and prioritize yourself

  • You can do more than you think

  • You may want to become stronger and rest more within yourself

We look forward to welcoming you on an active holiday full of togetherness.

Namaste & Hang Loose

OceanSoul CEO & Owner

Emely Freja

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