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Yoga Nidra - A search for calmness and balance within. The "yogic sleep"

More and more people are beginning to open their eyes to Yoga Nidra and all its good benefits. Yoga Nidra can be performed by anyone and requires no special equipment or previous training. Let's dive a little deeper into the world of yoga nidra.

Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra is an old practice from the yoga tradition/ yoga philosophy. Yoga Nidra is also described as yogic sleep. It is a meditation technique where you are in a state of consciousness that is neither awake nor asleep. It can also be described as conscious sleep. You train i.a. to expand one's perception of consciousness.

Yoga nidra is practiced to e.g. shift one's attention from external to internal. You forget the concept of time, place and meaning and allow yourself to simply be, to exist. When this happens, we reduce our brain function and the body can enter a healing stage, where you not only become clearer and fresher in your head, but you can also cleanse toxins from your physical body.   

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra på Maderia

Benefits of Yoga Nidra:  

Concentration during yoga nidra can lead to a lower stress level, less negative thought pattern and thereby you can also achieve less anxiety. Furthermore, one's memory can be improved as one clears up one's inner clutter of thoughts. It is said that through yoga nidra you can rejuvenate your entire body, as your bodily functions are minimal and your entire metabolism slows down. Precisely this gives your body an opportunity to cleanse and renew itself. Many also use yoga nidra against insomnia, as it can be a good tool to use in order to fall asleep.   

How do you practice yoga nidra?  

In yoga nidra we don't just relax; it is an opportunity to connect and explore the inner self. You are not meant to see or experience dreams, but rather to be fully present in your inner self. It is easier said than done to simply be present, but through concentration, focus and training you can learn it.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra på Kap Verde

We recommend that you do your yoga nidra lying down, as you can best relax that way. Lie down well and comfortably. Personally, I love putting a yoga block or a pillow under my knees, it's especially nice if you experience problems with your lower back/back. Lay a blanket over yourself so that you are not disturbed by e.g. getting cold. An eye pillow over the eyes is also great as it blocks out light, but the weight from it can also be soothing. Gently drop your feet to the side and relax your arms down your body with palms facing up, so that you are receptive to what is coming to you. When you are done, begin to slowly bring awareness back to the physical environment, moving your fingers and toes gently. First turn over on your right side and then slowly sit up.    


You try to get rid from your thoughts by being guided through different sensations and relaxing your body parts. It can be described as a body scan. Try to lie as still as possible without moving and with your eyes closed. Breathe calmly in and out through the nose. Try to breathe all the way down into your belly, not just the upper part of your chest.

Practice acceptance, it is normal that thoughts, feelings and sensations may come. Allow them to pass without getting caught up in them and return to the breath and the guiding voice.

Over time, it will become easier to maintain concentration and focus and one's distractions will decrease. Typically, a yoga nidra is guided by a yoga teacher, so you just have to listen and not think anything yourself.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra på Rhodos

Where can i practice yoga nidra?

You'll finind multiple guided yoga nidras in our online yoga library. I always guide a nice yoga nidra on my yoga trips and yoga retreats.


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