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Good reasons not to skip your sun salutation - The best yoga sequence!

What is the "sun salutation"?

Solhilsen is a combination of Hatha yoga exercises. In the ancient Indian Sanskrit language, the sun salutation is called "Surya Namaskar", which means "sun salutation".

The sun salutation consists of 12 combined exercises. The sun salutation strengthens and stretches the largest muscle groups in the body and makes it possible to let the "Prana" "life energy" flow freely in the body.

What are the benefits of practicing the classic hatha yoga sun salutation?

If you have limited time/desire to be on the yoga mat, I thought the sun salutation is a good opportunity to get started, to create flow and connection between body, mind and breathing.

The sun salutation is a fantastic warm-up for your body.

If you want to follow the traditional form of yoga, you must always do a number of sun salutations that add up to 108, as 108 is a sacred number within yoga. We recommend doing between 3, 6 or 12 rounds. Events are sometimes held where you do 108 sun salutations in a row.

The sun salutation is cardio training. And further strengthens and stretches the largest muscle groups and increases blood circulation. The spine in particular receives a lot of love in the sun salutation, as you move it both forwards and backwards using the core muscles.

The Sun Salutation is great for practicing your coordination of your breathing. Practice taking either an inhalation or an exhalation with each movement.

The sun salutation helps you sharpen your concentration and focus your brain

The sun salutation helps to prepare you both physically and mentally for the upcoming yoga positions you want to practice. It can also be discretionary to carry out before e.g. a run or when you get up in the morning. Before practicing many yoga positions, a relevant and priming warm-up is necessary. The sun salutation helps you stay present in body and mind and helps you concentrate.

Solhilsen is a yogic practice with meaning and tradition

The Sun Salutation has been practiced for thousands of years to celebrate the life-giving energy of the sun. You can create the same inner warmth and energy by practicing the sun salutation and creating presence and presence in your yoga practice and in your life.

We love the sun salutation and practice it ourselves daily with great joy and benefit. Be guided well and safely through sun salutations with us and many other fantastic yoga, meditation and pranayama in our large online yoga universe with almost 100 videos, new additions every week, videos of different lengths, yoga styles and different teachers.

You are also welcome to join us on one of our fantastic yoga trips.

Namasté Winni & Emely


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